Egg Souflle

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Carne Asada Tacos

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Thanksgiving dinner – braised pork belly

Braised pork belly, mash, asparagus, tiger prawn and scallops.


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Tacos al pastor

Best tacos ever




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Tofino Beach House




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Cafe su da

My friends introduced me to this coffee many years ago. Rumor has it that one coffee takes an hour off your life… Or something like that. Any ways it’s very simple as long as you have the filters and right grinds.

Coffee filters-coffee filters

Grinds- there are many brands out there. My favorite are trung nguyen, nam Nguyen and cafe du monde.

.5: fill glass or coffee mug with condensed milk.
1: I usually fill the filter with 4 table spoons of grinds
2: Smooth the top of the grinds out by twisting the insert a few times over the coffee.
3: pack the grinds by pressing down on the insert a couple times. Assemble the filter onto your mug or glass.
4: add a little hot water to the coffee filter, this is just to get the grinds moist and ready for the full amount of water.
5. Once you see that the water has dissolved into the grinds, fill the filter to the top with hot water. I always make sure my water is piping hot, I feel it makes for a better shot.

You will see your coffee start to drip down slowly. You want this, there should be a few drops of coffee every couple of seconds. When the dripping stops mix together your coffee and milk, drink warm or over ice for iced coffee.








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Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Pumpernickel egg & cheese sandwich.

Coat small fry pan with oil or butter. (make sure to get the sides of the pan)

Lightly scramble eggs and pour into pan.

Season with salt and pepper to taste
When the egg begins to form coat egg along edge of pan in a circle motion. This will allow you to easily make the omelette shape. One the omelette takes shape tossing what ever you want, I only added some sharp cheddar.

Toast your bread lightly and spread a little butter, light mayo and a dash of ketchup.



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